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What is

Atharvan Life?

We often come across the ancient Hindu texts and related terms like “Ayurved, Yog, Vipasana”; but fail to comprehend their significance in our day to day lives.

Our attempt is to simplify these treasures of knowledge and help bring their benefits to the world.

Atharvan Life derives its name from Atharvaveda, the first Hindu text on medicine which is also sometimes known as –

“Veda of magical formulas.``
“knowledge storehouse of atharvanas, the procedures for everyday life``.

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Move closer to the Atharvan way of life with our workshops.


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life & health.


Bringing forth the wellness heritage of our ancestors, who we all agree, lead a healthier and happier lifestyle!

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Knowledge & Solutions to

Make Peace with Nature

From the House of Atharvan

Wellness is Harmony

Ways to connect with self, with surroundings to bring a balance that completes the circle of wellness.

Vedas Simplified

Bringing knowledge & wisdom from ancient texts for wellness of body & mind.

The Whys & Hows

Joining the dots, bring out the science behind age old traditions & practices to connect with Gen Z

“ Ayurveda techniques simplified for better health, subscribe to our channel for more tips!“

Ayurveda gives special emphasis on practicing preventive measures to maintain healthy and happy living. Danta swasthya (dental or oral health) is a part of dinacharya (daily routine), which is one of the several upastambha (basis) of preventive medicine.

Both Kavala and Gandusha are similar techniques with tad differences. They’re intended to benefit oral disorders by assisting the process of pulling out oral toxins.

PREVENT oral malodour | tooth decay | throat dryness REDUCE bleeding & inflammation in gums & oral tissues STRENGTHEN gums, teeth and jaw GLOWING face TONED skin

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``Knowledge is the Best Diet you can follow.``

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