What does your Yoga outfit reveal about your practice?

Yoga, as a practice, is very unique when compared to the other kinds of exercises. It is devoid of comparison, competition and opinions. Each individual embarks on their own journey. The key to a successful journey is being connected with yourself and with the surrounding elements, and your yoga wear is the most important factor here.

It is very important to choose the right outfit before stepping on to your yoga mat. The main criteria of the right yoga wear is something that you can just forget about during your practice.

However, if you wear something that doesn’t allow your skin to breathe or is too constricted for the body, you may accomplish an asana but you will miss on the connect.

Yoga wear or Fashion statement?

It is astonishing that there are multi-million dollar businesses using yoga as a vehicle to sell products to people. After all, yoga is about detaching from the body and its desires. The fashion industry manufactures athleisure using uber-cheap synthetic fibres like spandex, lycra and elastane.

These fabrics are mass-produced and cause immense environmental damage from the moment they are made, even after they are disposed. When washed, they release micro-plastics which are a critical cause of water pollution.

They are skin-tight, causing chaffing and uneasiness. They are non-breathable and poor moisture absorbers. Moreover, they tend to restrict blood flow if you were to sit in vajrasana or padmasana for a prolonged period of time.

How to choose yoga wear?

Flowing through surya namaskar is challenging enough on its own, but it’s made harder when you have to tug on your clothes to stay in place. That’s why it’s crucial to wear clothing that you are confident and comfortable in. Here are a few pointers you should keep in mind –

  • Baby soft – Your clothing needs to be the least of your concerns to maintain concentration during yoga or meditation. Choose soft fabrics made from natural fibres like organic cotton, bamboo and linen.
  • Airy – Natural fibres are not only soft, they are also breathable and moisture-wicking. This means even if you sweat, your sweat is easily absorbed by your clothes and dries very quickly.
  • Pay attention to seams and tags – Itchy seams running through the sides and under the arms are very distracting and borderline annoying. Try on your yoga wear before purchasing and pay attention to the seams.
  • Delicates – While choosing innerwear, ensure that they provide the support that you shall need while stretching.
  • Well-fitted – Stretching, bending, lunging, reaching and rolling are a few of the actions yoga practice involves. This calls for clothes that are your accurate size which shall not slide up or down mid-movement.

Some examples for men

  • The best attire would be the traditional dhoti with a choice of angavastram in case of cold weather.
  • From modern outfits, you could chose a well fitted but not skin tight, pyjama with a comfortable cotton t-shirt or vest.

Some examples for women

  • Even the women in India used to wear dhotis and angavastram during Yoga and other on-ground activities like learning warfare etc. So you ladies can give it a try this Sunday !
  • Else you could also go with standard Pyjamas and comfi tees.
  • As we spoke about detaching from unnecessary desires, skip that online shopping for this time and try out the Geet look from ‘Jab We Met’ with your old salwar and a comfortable tee.

Yoga Mats

Cotton, Jute Yoga Mats better for the environment

The next step is to avoid the rubber based Yoga Mats and try out lots of new natural options made from coconut, Jute, Cotton and anti-bacterial cork material.

Hope we could bring a fresh outlook towards Yog, helping you to adapt a wholistic Yogic lifestyle beyond your workout session. Keep visiting for more such insights from the world of Yoga.

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